Tuna Bonito, Ortiz, 158g

Conservas Ortiz have been canning and preserving fish, following traditional and artisanal methods, since 1891. They are located in Northern Spain and fish in the cold Atlantic waters of the Bay of Biscay, a carefully controlled area which is managed by Total Allowable Catch to ensure sustainability. Ortiz line catch all of their Albacore tuna in the Cantabrian sea to avoid any unwanted fish being caught and thrown away. The Albacore tuna is a rich and oily small tuna with a pale colour and delicate flavour. Only the highest quality olive oil is used in every tin.

This is a tin of tuna bonito (Albacore tuna). The species of tuna used is ‘Albacore’, rather than Bonito, as the name suggests. Total weight: 158g. 


Bonito del Norte (Albacore Tuna), Olive Oil, Sea Salt.

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