St Tola Ash

Saint Tola farmhouse are committed to sustainable farming so their herd of Saanen, Toggenburg and British Alpine goats live on 65 acres of unspoiled pastureland. They feed on buttercups, meadow sweet and wild garlic alongside other wild flowers and herbs. All the kids born on the farm are also left to spend a long time with their mothers, rather than being separated early like on many large production farms. This results in happy and healthy animals and an extremely high standard of welfare.

St Tola Ash is a fresh, lactic goat’s cheese with an incredibly light, whipped, mousse like texture and lemony flavour. It’s wonderfully creamy and has an extra kick of flavour on the ashed rind.

This cheese has been aged for 3 weeks and is made with raw goat’s milk and traditional rennet.

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