Baron Bigod

Baron Bigod is made from the milk of Montbeliarde cows in Bungay, Suffolk. The cows graze of a variety of herbs and grasses that grow on the grazing land of Stow Fen, a wildlife rich Basin Marsh. It was the only raw, Brie-de-Meaux style cheese made in the UK. It is currently being made with pasteurised milk and we're happy to say that it's still as rich and creamy as ever! The dairy team plan to return to raw milk cheese production at a future date. 


Baron Bigod has a white, bloomy rind and a smooth, silky texture with a long lasting, herbaceous, farmyard and mushroom flavour. The cheese is rich and ultra creamy, a beautifully flavourful Brie style.

Baron Bigod is aged for 2 months and is made with pasteurised  milk and traditional rennet.

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