Hafod is made on Bwlchwernen Fawr, a 300 acre farm, just 10 miles from the Ceredigian Coast in West Wales. Patrick Holden, the owner, has been there for 50 years and makes Hafod cheese with his wife, from their herd of 80 Ayrshire cattle. These particular cows have just the right balance of butter fat and protein for cheese making, are well suited to the Welsh climate and spend their days enjoying the lush, herb rich pastures of the farm. The farm has been certified organic since 1973, making it the oldest organic dairy in all of Wales. 

Hafod is Welsh for summer place or pasture. The recipe for the cheese came from Patrick’s close friend Dougal, who learned the art of cheese making in the Swiss Alps but decided to move to West Wales in the early 80’s where he began training other cheesemongers, including Patrick’s son and daughter in law who decided to get involved and developed a Welsh made Cheddar that would become Hafod. 

Hafod is buttery and nutty with a distinctive rich texture and earthy flavour. It develops an excellent tang as it ages and makes for a fantastic, full flavoured Cheddar. 

This cheese is aged for 12-24 months and is made with raw cow’s milk and traditional rennet.

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