Fellstone is made at Whin Yeats Farm by Tom and Clare Noblet, who took over the 250-acre farm in 2010, from a couple looking to retire. Cheese had been made on the site before the Second World War but then halted for half a century before being revived by Tom and Clare in 2015. The farm is beautifully situated between the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District, on steep limestone crags. Currently around 80 Friesian cows and 200 sheep live on the farm, which has been vastly improved since the takeover to improve biodiversity. So far, 2000 tress have been planted, 350m of new hedgerows have been introduced and two new ponds have been created.

Fellstone is based on a traditional ‘Dales’ style of cheese (or Wensleydale), typical of the area. The Wensleydale recipe dates back to 1933 and uses the farm’s raw milk, while it’s still warm, straight from the adjacent milking parlour. Fellstone is aged on site for three months.

When young, Fellstone has a very fresh, lemony, lactic flavour and more supple, crumbly texture. As it ages, it becomes less sharp and more creamy, grassy and nutty.

This cheese is aged for 3 months on site and an additional 4-6 months in our cellars in Cambridge. It is made with raw milk and traditional rennet.

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