De Mekkerstee is a family business that started out in 2001, in Ouddorp in the Dutch province of South Holland.. The farm began with a small stable, simple cheese factory and just 75 goats. There are now 650 goats on the farm.

One of the key values of the company is to share their cheese knowledge and show off the farm - they are open all day to the public for free so you can visit the goats and learn about the cheese making process. The other is to have happy goats - the animals even have a ‘wellness area’, special nursery, cuddle corner and are cared for lovingly and professionally.

De Mekkerstee now also make ewe's milk cheeses, using local ewe's milk from other dairies.

All the cheeses are 100% organic and the goats and ewes are fed on grass, herbs and clover from spring to autumn, then homegrown hay in the winter.

Beppie is firm and full flavoured with a creamy texture and nutty taste.

This cheese is aged for 4 months and is made with organic, pasteurised ewes’ milk and vegetarian rennet.

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