In 2016, the husband and wife team behind Quesos y Besos quit their day jobs and moved back to Sierra Morena to pursue cheese making. With a vast ancestry of shepherds, this was a natural transition and so took on their own herd of Malagueña goats and started production. The goats roam completely freely in the local area and graze on numerous wildflowers and herbs, ensuring an exceptional quality milk.

Valleoscuro is an intensely creamy, soft and gooey goat’s milk cheese with a silky texture and lovely, nutty flavour. It is medium strength and is covered with a layer of ash.

This cheese is made with pasteurised goat’s milk and traditional rennet.


This is the sister cheese (with the ash on the outside rather than through the centre) to Olavidia, this year's Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards!

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