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Papillon is an award-winning distillery based within the Dartmoor National Park. The business is named after the French word for butterfly and is named as such to bring attention to endangered Dartmoor butterflies. The company donates financially and through volunteering, to a local Butterfly Conservation project that helps protect this species.

Papillon uses traditional gin botanicals such as juniper, coriander seed, Angelica and cardamom alongside Dartmoor flavours inclunding gorse, hawthorn berries, rowan berries, wood sorrel, navelwort, sloes and Devon violets, which are foraged or grown locally. The pure water used is sourced from a hill high up on Dartmoor, where some of the endangered butterflies can be found sipping from the spring. 

Papillon Gin - This gin is distilled with 17 botanicals including fresh gorse flowers, rowan and hawthorn berries, chamomile and Devon violet leaves. 42% ABV, 70cl.

The Admiral - This is a juniper led Navy strength gin with 18 botanicals including fresh lemon and lime, nettles and navelwort. 57%ABV, 70cl.

Carabus - This special edition gin, which was created in collaboration with Dartmoor naturalist Nick Baker, has 15 botanicals including hawthorn and rowan berries, nettles, wood sorrel and hazelnuts. 42% ABV, 70cl.

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