Loin Iberico, 100% Bellota, Sliced, Extrem

Extrem is located, as it’s name would suggest, in the village of Caceres, Extramadura. It is a haven for Iberico pigs, who roam freely, enjoying fallen acorns. Extrem are an artisanal company who oversee the entire farming process, from rearing the sows to producing a full and exceptional quality range of Bellota (acorn fed) products.

This is a pack of sliced, dry cured, acorn fed, 100%  Iberian ’Lomo Iberico’, or Iberico loin. Total weight: 80g.


Pork Loin, Salt, Water, Pepper, Olive Oil, Garlic, Dextrose, Preservatives: E252, E250, Sugar, Antioxidants: E331iii, E316, Oregano.

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