Feuille du Limousin

Feuille du Limousin is a soft goat’s cheese shaped as a chestnut leaf, which is the symbol of the Limousine region, where the cheese is made. The goat’s diet must be made up of at least 50% grass from the region as well as beet pulp and whole corn, this ensures a beautifully sweet and tasty milk. 

Feuille du Limousin is a beautifully creamy cheese with a slightly more crumbly centre when young and a richer and softer, wrinkly rind. The flavour is fresh and lactic when young and richer when ripe, with a well balanced saltiness. Sometimes the cheese displays a blue, grey mould over the surface, which is edible and completely natural. 

This cheese is aged for 8 to 20 days and is made with raw goat’s milk and traditional rennet. 

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