Bon Repas

Bon Repas is made by cheesemaker Marco van Erk and his brothers in Berkenwoede in the Netherlands. In 2010, they took over a medium sized farm of 300 cows, all of whose milk go into cheese production. All the cheeses they create are either made from raw milk or thermised milk so are packed with vitamins and of excellent quality. Their secret starter culture recipe is also particularly sweet so gives all their cheeses the signature Dutch sweetness.

Bon Repas is a cross between a Dutch Gouda and an Emmental style so is sweet and nutty in flavour with a creamy texture. This cheese has been aged in our cellars for over six months so is starting to develop some crystallisation throughout and a great depth of flavour. This cheese is brilliant for melting into fondue.

This cheese is aged for 2 months in the Netherlands, then an additional six months in our cellars, and is made with thermised cow’s milk and traditional rennet.


This cheese will arrive vacuum sealed - we immediately seal all of it when it is cut to avoid mould growing in the holes of the cheese!

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