Blackcurrant Wine Vinegar

The Slow Vinegar Company was set up by Sarah and Andrew de Feu a few years ago in Yorkshire. Andrew has been a home brewer since he reached the legal drinking age but it was during the lockdown that he and Sarah realised they could start a unique company, making wine vinegars that didn’t exist on the market.

The process for making each vinegar is a slow one, hence the company name. They first make and mature the wine before souring it into vinegar so every bottle goes through double fermentation (as opposed to just adding a flavour to white wine vinegar). It’s at least 12 months from start to finish.

The ingredients that go into each bottle are mostly hand foraged (elderflowers, elderberries, blackberries, wild garlic) or home grown (apples), with a couple of ingredients coming from small, local farms (beetroots, blackcurrants, strawberries and raspberries).

This blackcurrant vinegar is great for enriching sauces for game, venison and root vegetables and makes a brilliantly fruity salad dressing but also makes a wonderful drizzle for ice cream and sweet fruits or a great cocktail ingredient. This bottle contains 200ml.

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