Blaarkop is made by a young company called Meester-Affineurs in Gerlderland, Netherlands. They use a combination of cold evening milk and warm morning milk to make each cheese - the fat and protein differs between the two so mixing them provides the best result. All the cheeses are then salted in sea salt, which contains more spores, elements and minerals.

The milk for this cheese comes from Blaarrkop cows, an ancient Dutch breed, on the Hooilanden Farm in the heart of Binnenveld. Animal welfare is a top priority here so when calves are born, they are kept with their mothers and no milk is taken from the animals in the spring. This has been proven to significantly improve the happiness of the animals whilst also creating an even more special, seasonal cheese.

Blaarkop is an intensely fruity cheese with both flavours and aromas of fermented fruits. It has a crystalline texture thanks to it’s long ageing process and a lingering tangy finish.

This cheese is aged for 3 months by the cheesemaker and then up to two years in our cellars. It is made with raw, organic cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet. Due to the maturation process, the cheese is certified lactose free.

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