Adelegger is an organic Bavarian mountain cheese made by Evelyn Wilde who is the cheesemaker for Isny Dairy - a collective of 7 organic dairy farmers. All of their cheeses are made with the raw milk of cows who graze freely on the rich, green pastures of the Allgäu Mountains in Southwest Germany. The cheese is lightly rind washed in brine and wine and then matured for exceptional flavour.

Adelegger is a smooth, firm cheese with a savoury, buttery and nutty flavour. As it matures, it takes on flavours of fermented and tropical fruit as well as a rich beefy quality. The washing of wine and brine on the rind gives the cheeses a long lasting flavour on the palate and a little kick. 

This cheese is aged for 6 months in Bavaria and then an additional 6-12 months in our cellars. It is made with raw, organic cow’s milk and traditional rennet.

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